Piet is an esoteric visual programming language. Programs on Piet look like beautiful examples of abstract art. The language is named after Piet Mondrian, who pioneered the field of geometric abstract art.

Tower of Hanoi

The interesting this about Piet programs is — the same program could be written in different ways. Example of two ‘Hello world’ programs.

When I just started work with the 3D graphics I was surprised about shaders. This is a very powerful tool to manipulate a 3D object. But for me a long time ago that looked very complicated and hard to start. I got a lot of questions and no simple answers. After some time and with more experience with ThreeJS I returned to them and now I have the simple jump in the tutorial.

Let’s take an example and go through the steps to create such a thing. My favourite example is the planet texture for the small game about futuristic…

Marina Kolesnichenko

Full stack developer

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